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BIA: Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis


Considered one of the most accurate methods available to gauge overall fitness, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), measures body composition by sending a safe, low electrical current through the body. The current easily moves through fluids contained in muscle tissue, but encounters resistance (is impeded) when moving through fat tissue.

Compared with a weight scale, BIA provides a much more accurate and dependable picture of an individual's fitness level. Often when an individual is attempting to improve his/her fitness, changes in diet and exercise are slow to show up on a weight scale - or even more discouraging, weight may fluctuate unreliably. However, by regularly using BIA, we can track a slow but steady decline in overall body fat.


We start by measuring your height and weight on a medical scale. We also note age, gender, physical activity level and body type. Next while lying down on an examining table, electrodes are attached to specific points on the body. Then a small electric current, which is completely safe and cannot be felt by adults or children, is circulated throughout your body. In a matter of minutes, we can provide accurate readings for fat-free mass (FFM) and total body water (TBW).

BIA can be a helpful tool to measure changes in fitness on a quarterly or annual basis or on a weekly or bi-weekly basis during a more aggressive regime to improve fitness.

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Please download the PDF What is BIA and follow the guidelines for your first appointment.